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Bank of America says it’s making changes to its short-sale procedures that will shorten decision times on short sale offers to 20 days, down from 45 days or longer.  This is GREAT NEWS!!!!

I know you’ve all seen homes and you know they are vacant and probably get the news that it’s going into short sale or foreclosure.  Then….why does it sit for 2 years and nothing ever happens?  Why do we need to wait 40 days to hear a response when we make an offer? Those are good questions and very frustrating predicaments, for the home owner, the neighborhood and the Real Estate market.

Whenever the time line for short sale or foreclosure is shortened it’s good for the consumer.  And what’s good for the consumer (who is the home buyer) is good for the market!

Do you know of any short sale or foreclosure homes in your neighborhood?  If you have a family, friend, or neighbor worried about short sale, please refer them to us.  There are several possibilities that should be explored for the ultimate short sale or even foreclosure decision.    Some days it’s not about selling a house, but keeping someone in it!



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