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Hello Sellers!  In this age of 24 hour HGTV everyone feels like they know what they need to do to sell their house.  Sometimes you do, but most of the homes we go in need some advice.  [highlight]Staging is NOT the same as decorating[/highlight]  Staging is NOT all about furniture placement and taking down family photos, although both are needed, there is much more.  Let’s start with these 5 items that, much too often, are overlooked and cost the sellers time on the market and brings a lower price.

1.  Give your home a THOROUGH cleaning.  Pay attention to the details, including baseboards, doorhandles, light switches and power outlets.  Clean the water heater, the top of the furnace and the base of toilets.

2. Declutter your home.  Pack away extra kitchen appliances, offseason clothes and knick knacks.  Remove furniture that makes your home look crowded.


3.  Neutralize offensive odors in your home.  Evidence of cigaret smoke, pets,  grease and other unpleasant smells will stop potential buyers in their tracks at the front door.  Sometimes these odors need to be removed professionally at a small cost.  Contact us to talk about this.  Covering a bad smell with a Glade plug in is not always the best solution.

4.  Catch up repairs.  Replace old carpet, roof shingles and windows.  Check under sinks for leaky faucets and fix them. Make sure regular home maintenance is up to date.

5.  The #1 home staging mistake…..BAD COSMETICS!  Fortunately it’s usually not too difficult to deal with.  A fresh coat of paint on your homes walls can be your best investment.


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