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The Real Estate Buyer’s Council recently published a Home Buyer’s Toolkit which explains the 10 key steps for completing a successful real estate transaction. Here’s a synopsis of what is covered with brief explanations:

1. Find a Qualified Buyer’s Rep – Realtor’s with the ABR designation have taken advanced education in buyer’s representation and can better serve you as a buyer.

2. Assess Your Credit and Finances – Pre-approval for financing is a must. It let’s you know how much you can afford and it keeps you from being disappointed.

3. Assess Your Wants and Need in a Home – It’s important that you communicate your needs and your wants to your Realtor so they can search for the right stuff.

4. Search for Your Home – As your Realtor, we are able to narrow your search and to find new properties as they come on the market.

5. Negotiate Terms – This is where your Realtor earns his or her commission. Pick a strong negotiator.

6. Obtain a Mortgage – Since you are already pre-approved, this step is easy.

7. Prepare for CLosing Day – Your Realtor should help you with the details, but don’t forget to have the utilities turned on in your name, don’t skip the final walk-thru, and don’t forget your driver’s licenses.

8. Close – This should be a happy time, but it is often filled with stress. Planning ahead can take away the stress.

9. Move – Moving in to your new home is an exciting event and you should relish it. Maybe, like The Chiles Team, your Realtor has a moving truck to help make the job easier.

10. Celebrate! – Do I need to explain?

If you would like more of this information, we would be happy to send you a copy of the Home Buyer’s Toolkit

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